How to sell you test strips using our automated invoicing system

If you’re looking for a website to sell diabetic test strips, lancets, lancing pens and meters for cash, then you’ve come to the right place. Rescue Test Strips lets you sell all your diabetic supplies using our simple three-step-process.

Step 1

To start earning cash for your test strips and other diabetic supplies gather all your diabetic test strips, lancets, and lancing pens. Organize all of them by type (test strips, lancets, lancing pens, glucose meters, etc.) and box size (50 count, 100 count, and so forth). Make sure to not tear off the labels, break seals, or perforate box tops.

Make sure that none of your supplies are expired, have tears or rips on the outside of the box. Rescue Test Strips only buys supplies that are at least 10 months away from their expiration date and in sealed, un-tampered or damaged boxes.

Also make sure to carefully inspect your boxes to find the ones that have not been opened, damaged, or discolored in any way.

Remember not to tear off labels as it might break boxes. Instead, only cover your personal information using a felt-tip marker if you feel uncomfortable sending your info along with the supplies. Don’t write on the boxes in any other way.

Step 2

Use Rescue Test Strips’ Quick Cash Calculator to calculate the prices you can sell your unused diabetic test strips, lancets, and lancing pens.

When done with your diabetic supplies calculation, scroll down to the bottom of the invoice, check the form of payment you want and make sure to print two copies of of the completed invoice as outlined in the training video.

By printing 2 invoices one will stay with you for your records and the other will be enclosed with the supplies that you ship to our facility.

So if you end up shipping your diabetic supplies to Rescue Test Strips, all you have to do is insert a copy of your totals from the Quick Cash Calculator Form.

Step 3

You can either have Test Strip Rescue pick up the supplies from you or you can ship them directly to our address

Rescue Test Strips
Attn: Receiving Dept
5841 E. Charleston Blvd. Ste. 230-186
Las Vegas , NV 89142

Remember that you will have your shipping costs reimbursed once we receive your supplies at our facility.

To get your supplies to our facility the fastest we recommend USPS Priority Mail. Make sure to get a tracking number so you can confirm delivery as well. For orders in excess of 30 lbs., we recommend using UPS Ground 2 – 5 Day Shipping

Also we can only handle/accept diabetic supplies from the USA, Quam, and Puerto Rico.

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