Q: How soon do I get paid when I sell my diabetic supplies?
A: On orders shipped to our facility they are first inspected, and as long there are no exceptions, we will process your order within 48 hours and pay you in the form of a Bank issued Cashier’s Check, or at your option, via PayPal.

Simply specify how you want to get paid when you calculate your amount using the QUICK CASH CALCULATOR.

If you prefer, you can request a PayPal payment. We processes orders within 24 hours of recieving them. If you have a specific request, simply email us through our Contact Page on this website.

If you prefer not to use the QUICK CASH CALCULATOR, you can simply click on Print Packing Slip Form button to your right, complete the information and insert a completed copy with your shipment. Pack your supplies into a sturdy box along with packing material and enclose your contact information. Free boxes are available at your local post office.

Q: Who pays for shipping?
A: Should you request a Free Pre-Paid US Postal Service Shipping Label, we will pay for it in advance. If you prefer to pay for shipping, Rescue Test Strip will reimburse you in full up to $500.00 for shipping costs from USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground Shipments up to 75 lbs.

In the event you prefer to pay for shipping and want to get reimbursed after we receive your order, simply add you estimated shipping cost when you create your invoice using our online Quick Cash Calculator.

NOTE: For orders over $1000, please contact us in advance to confirm your order so we can plan for the order arrival.

For supplies you send for which we are paying up to:

$100   – We reimburse you up in full up to $50.00
$200   – We reimburse you up in full up to $50.00
$500   – We reimburse you up in full up to $50.00
$1000   – We reimburse you up in full up to $50.00

Q: Does Rescue Test Strips buy glucose meters, too?
A:NO! At this time we are not buying meters/monitors.

NOTE: To avoid incurring Return-to-Sender charges, please DO NOT ship generic or private-label brand names of any diabetic product as we only buy the brands listed on our QUICK CASH CALCULATOR.

Q: Does Rescue Test Strips guarantee I will receive the price it lists on its site for the diabetic supplies I send?
A: YES! As long as all products you send arrive to us:

    • In boxes that are undamaged and not discolored (Warning: Do not tear off labels! Mark off your name with a soft, felt-tip marker if you are uncomfortable sending products that may have your name or other private information on the labels. Please let us assure you that we DO, however, REMOVE ALL LABELS once products arrive at our facility.)
    • With unbroken seals and with NO WRITING or TEARS on the boxes.
    • Boxes have an expiration date of 10 months or over. Anything less than 9 months will need pre-approved by management.

NOTE: We inspect all products and will contact you via e-mail or phone call should there be any discrepancies with regard to what you are expecting to receive in monetary compensation and the condition of the items we receive from you. Please make sure to provide with either or both so we can communicate with your ASAP if a problem arises.

Q: What can I do to ensure I get the quoted price for the diabetic supplies I send to you?
A: Please review the simple steps (1–7) on our How it works! page. For fastest shipment at the most reasonable price, we recommend shipping with USPS Priority Mail for boxes less than 2 pounds. For boxes weighing over 15 pounds, we recommend using UPS Ground as they have great rates and service.

Q: How is payment made to me after I send you my diabetic supplies?
A: Payments are made to you based on what you request when you complete your invoice using our Quick Cash Calculator. Rescue Test Strips will send you a bank issued Cashier’s Check, should you request a Cashier's Check.

Additionally, we can pay you via PayPal online.

Should you have a special request other than the aforementioned payment methods, simply call us toll-free to make other payment arrangements.  Its up to management to decide if it is possible to do the payment method requested.  We will not do under any circumstances Western Union or  Money Gram.

NOTE: Paypal charges a fee for transactions. Paypal might put a hold on funds is the account is new or is unverified. Please contact paypal if you have any questions on wether your funds will be place on hold. 

Q: How is my Cashier Check mail?
A: Your cashier check is mail free via certified USPS mail and require a person to be available to sign for it.  If you request your check to be mail any other method, the cost of shipping will be deducted from the initial payment. 

Q: What is paypal?
Paypal is a service that allows you to accept and send money. For more informaiton visit paypal

Q: Is there a limit to how many diabetic test strips, lancets or lancing devices I can send and get paid for?
A: No! We can buy all your diabetic supplies and want to encourage you to send as many as you wish. We only ask and emphasize that all guidelines for purchase be followed so that we can get your money to you as quickly as possible! We do offer special pricing agreements for orders over $1000. If you have a special request, simply contact us and provide us with a small statement about the inquiry and we will respond back to you.

Q: What if I change my mind and want you to send my supplies back to me?
A: We will be happy to return your items - as long as you let us know within 24 hours of shipping your products to our warehouse.

NOTE: Due to the cost of shipping & handling for this (since we have already paid you for the original shipment), we must receive whatever the cost of the original shipment was as payment from you before we can ship them back to you. We strongly urge you to make sure you want to sell before you ship – we can answer most questions quickly online.

Q: How can I contact someone at Resueteststrips.org?
A: You may contact us three ways: by our toll-free phone number, via our Contact Form or you may write to us at the address provided. Our corporate address is Rescue Test Strips, 5841 E. Charleston Blvd. Ste 230-186, Las Vegas NV 89142. If you are planning on mailing us a package of diabetic supplies please mail it to Rescue Test Strips 222 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 219, Las Vegas, NV 89145

Please note: We do not handle, nor do we accept, diabetic equipment or supplies shipped from overseas. We do accept shipments, however, from the United States Territories of Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.