I have read and agree to the following Terms & Conditions prior to selling diabetic products to Rescue Test Strips. By participating in the sale of any and/or all diabetic products to Rescue Test Strips, I, as the seller, understand and agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. My legal age is 18 years or older.
  2. I am the rightful owner of the diabetic supplies I am selling to Rescue Test Strips.  I knowledge that all diabetic supplies I am sending to Rescue Test Strips meet their minimal expiration date requirements and boxes are in mint condition (no tears, dents, scratches, or discoloration)
  3. Rescue Test Strips will not compensate me for the sale of any diabetic product or diabetic product box or container that:

    a. has been damaged in any way, including tampering or breakage of the product boxes original seal, product or product box damage, or any kind of label defacement or damage

    NOTE: The condition of any diabetic products I sell to Rescue Test Strips is my sole responsibility and I will not hold Rescue Test Strips liable in any way whatsoever for the condition of these items upon arrival at the Rescue Test Strips place of business.

    b. comes in a vial. Rescue Test Strips only accepts products shipped in boxes with original, undamaged seals that show no signs or indications of tampering.

    c. has expired according to the date on the product box at the time of delivery to Rescue Test Strips

    NOTE: Rescue Test Strips prefers expiration dates of twelve (12) months or longer; however, Rescue Test Strips accepts and pays its full assigned price for diabetic products that are within, at minimum, months (10) months from their expiration dates. Boxes that are less than 9 months from expiration date.  The lancets must be at least two years from expiration date.

  4. With the exception of Lancets and Lancing Devices, Rescue Test Strips has a minimal of 2 boxes of 50ct(retail), 4 boxes of 50ct(Mail Order / Not for Retail), and 1 box of 100ct test strips you can send us. If lancets are the only product being sold to Rescue Test Strips, we request that you send at least 10 boxes to make it worth the shipping cost. There is no maximum number of boxes of diabetic products accepted by Rescue Test Strips.
  5. The diabetic products I am selling to Rescue Test Strips have not been lost or stolen and legally belong to me and have not been procured by illegal means. The diabetic items I sell to Rescue Test Strips are lawfully owned or possessed by me. In the event that any items I have sold to Rescue Test Strips are found to have been lost or stolen, Rescue Test Strips is under no obligation whatsoever to accept these items, nor compensate me for them in any way whatsoever to include any and all shipping costs.
  6. I understand that paypal will deduct their fees from payments sent by Rescue Test Strips. Rescue Test Strips is in no obligation or require to refund me the paypal fees.
  7. Rescue Test Strips carries no obligation to return my diabetic products for which they rejected, if I don't provide them with a return label or compensate them for the prepaid shipping label they provided.  I understand if part of my inventory if rejected, the accepted diabetic supplies will be used to cover the cost of the inventory being return.  
  8. Upon receipt and inspection of diabetic items I send to Rescue Test Strips, I agree to the transference of any and all rights, titles and/or interests in the items to Rescue Test Strips.
  9. Neither Rescue Test Strips nor any of its partners or affiliates carries any liability to me to exceed the final value that has been assessed by Rescue Test Strips for any and all diabetic items I sell to Rescue Test Strips. This agreement includes and is not limited to any indirect, consequential, special or punitive, incidental or exemplary damages that are foreseen or unforeseen including possible damages Rescue Test Strips has been advised of that may arise from this agreement.
  10. As permitted under the fullest extent of the law, any dispute between Rescue Test Strips and me with regard to my participation in the Rescue Test Strips diabetic supply buying program will be settled by arbitration as governed by the Federal Arbitration Act in the state of Nevada with each party responsible for one-half of the costs of any or all legal arbitration proceeding(s). By entering into this Agreement, I waive all rights to a jury trial and agree to bring only claims within my capacity as an individual and not as a plaintiff or class member of a professed class or representative meeting.