Read what our customer's are saying about Rescue Test Strips.

Thank you for the fast turnaround on my order.

Carol S.

I was paid on time without delay. Overall a smooth transaction. Will use again.

Tamika H.
Las Vegas, NV.

First time out, was able to sell over $268 of my test strips and lancets. The free shipping payback is great – thanks again.

Gene H.
Las Vegas, NV.

used Rescue Test Strips twice now. No surprises and your PayPal payments were accurate both times.

Mike W
Dayton, OH.

Hey Rescue Test Strips! To start off I’d like to say your customer service is great. I feel like I was treated fairly, listened too and paid quickly. Will use Rescue Test Strips again.

Carey H
Pensacola, FL.

This is our first experience with Rescue Test Strips – your service has been amazing. Sorry for sending you 3 expired boxes. Thanks so much for the understanding - will be contacting you again.

Jeanette S.
Galt, CA.

Thank you for your service. I appreciate how friendly and helpful the service representative was on the phone. Thanks again.

Lori Z.
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Sent my order in and two days later I got paid $164.00 in full with no hassles. Wish I knew about your company earlier. Appreciate the follow-up.

Demetrius J
Kingsport, TN